Best Places for Mid Century Modern Design

September 22, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 9/22/2016

We talk about it a lot –Gingko Furniture thrives on the notion of Mid Century modern design and incorporate it into everything we build. We hand make furniture ranging from Mid Century modern beds, to tables and to stools and more. Because of our devotion to Mid Century modern furniture, we also think a lot about locations that have this design in droves. And among the many cities with ample examples of our favorite design,these cities stand out as the best cities in the US for Mid Century modern architecture.

What is Mid Century modern Design?

Defined by flat planes and featuring open spaces surrounded by glass, the Mid Century modern home is often made from experimental materials. The trend emerged from the Post WWII era when technologies invented for wartime gave rise to the ability to incorporate before unused materials into the building process. Mid Century homes emphasise bringing the home into nature –the wide window spaces allowing the outdoors to enter the home. Like furniture made at Gingko, Mid Century modern homes embrace functionality as well as aesthetic.

Palm Springs

Palm Springs is the quintessential destination for mid century modern design. Perhaps the barren landscape in close proximity to the desert helps draw to mind the clean lines and simplicity of our favorite trend. Those looking to be immersed in the feng shui of clean, modern design, can’t go wrong with taking a trip to, or even living in, Palm Springs.

This place is so distinguished for its Mid Century modern design that self-guided,architectural tours are common amongst design-savvy tourists.


What is notable about the mile high city? Locals not only get to enjoy the sunny skies and natural beauty abundantly available to them, they also get unique access to Mid Century modern architecture. Mid Century modern design is a mainstay in Denver –the city itself has been home to famous designers and progenitors of the movement. It’s no wonder this city has become one of the top places for urban living.

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Washington, DC

Turns out our Nation’s capitol is another prime location for Mid Century modern homes. Houses may be pricey, but there’s no denying that these homes are suitable for anyone looking for a pristine, modern community. Mid Century modern neighborhoods lie nestled in districts around DC, as well as in neighborhoods on its urban fringes, on both sides of the border that divides Virginia and Maryland.