About Gingko

 Naturally Modern Walnut Furniture

Gingko Home Furnishing’s mission is to bring quality to and comfort to the modern home.  Over the past 10 years we have continually pursued this goal.  Gingko understands that selecting home furnishings is an important expression of personal style and taste that must be balanced with many practical concerns–space constraints, time and budget.  We have curated a collection of pieces that allow our client to reveal their personal style without compromise.

Our Design Approach

Gingko’s has interpreted timeless aesthetics in a decidedly contemporary mode to create a unique line of furniture at home in many interiors. Gingko’s designs are are inspired by classic, iconic, and popular forms interpreted with the modern home in mind. Designs for how we live today. Located in California, we are inspired by the intersection of many cultures and design styles ranging from iconic mid-century modern designs to Mission Style furniture to Asian-inspired designs and proportions., Our pieces are developed and designed for the modern home–cognizant of scale and practicality as well as style.  Many times pieces are re-scaled and simplified some of the designs to create a lighter, more contemporary and urban aesthetic.  Our furniture celebrates the simple, clean lines while allowing the natural grain of the walnut timber to speak for itself.  Simple forms, beautifully rendered.

Our Products

Each of Gingko’s pieces are a product of top grade timber handcrafted by old world techniques. The result is a unique quality that increases in beauty over time. The entire collection is built with solid Walnut wood kiln-dried for stability. Pieces are constructed using mortise and tenon joints for increased stability and their ability to accommodate wood’s natural movement in different environments.

Every piece is an original. Individual workmanship and the organic quality of the wood itself may cause slight variation among items. Due to the hand-made nature of our items, dimensions are quoted it the nearest half-inch. Slight variations should be expected.

Materials: The overwhelming majority of our pieces are built with Walnut. We have chosen Walnut due to it’s stability in different environments which is important to avoid movement and cracking as humidity levels change. The Walnut we use is sustainably harvested and kiln and air-dried over many months. This allows the wood to reach a stable state. Walnut is a slow-growth, dense wood that is known for the beauty of its strength and beauty.

Gingko - A note about our name.

The Ginkgo tree is a living fossil; with its earliest leaf fossils dating back 270 million years. Once very common in Northern Europe, it had vanished from that area by the 16th century.  Rediscovered in 1691 in China, Gingko tress were brought back to the West as well as North America in the late 1700′s. Individual trees may live as long as 3,000 years and the seeds and leaves are used in medicine throughout the world.

The Gingko tree’s history in the East and West is a perfect symbol of our effort to create furniture that embodies a wide range of styles inspired from Asia, Europe and the US that will be cherished for many years as the grace the home of our clients.