Furniture and Self Expression - What your Interior Design says about you

September 16, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 9/16/2016

We know the importance of art. Young professionals and millennials alike most of all turn to self expression and art as a means to find purpose. Browsing through our Facebook photos, and popular sites shows how important a new form of self expression has become.

But what does this mean for our homes? How has technology changed the exterior and interior of the home? Certainly, Mid Century modern design has had its impact on the exterior of the home as well as on its interior. But just how Mid Century modern was born out of the Art Nouveau movement, current trends are also born out of a reaction to previous trends in art.

Tech-less living rooms are in vogue, as are raw materials, rustic touches, and mismatched cabinetry. All of which fight the norm –discard your worn futon, the giant couch, the living room built around the TV.

So what do these fashion trends say about us, and how does your interior design express you?

Self Expression and the Home

Design trends are inevitably linked to art, and art to self expression. As art trends change and evolve, so do trends in interior design. Just as once the trend was to decorate homes with complex patterns, and elaborate finishing, the trend today is towards simplicity.

Perhaps this is in reaction to the overly chaotic circumstances that we find ourselves in today. We live in bustling cities, amid distractions, complexities, a difficult job market, an ever evolving playing field where technology removes tasks that once had to be done manually. We are indeed  complex people.

Neuroscience and Interior Design

It turns out, there’s a much more concrete reason why we love simple, modern design. Our affinity for clean lines goes deeper than aesthetic taste. That aesthetic taste is actually imbued by our naturaldesire for symmetry.

It turns out, symmetry is powerful not only for its influence on our tastes, but is also a force of nature. Symmetry is not a phenomenon that exists only in man-made objects. It can be seen in nature everywhere. Studies also show that when asked to choose between aesthetically symmetrical objects and asymmetrical ones, we will choose the symmetrical one.
We sympathize with the natural beauty of symmetry just how we sympathize with the natural beauty of solid walnut wood, and raw materials.

The Need for Simple Design

Simply put, people love simple design. Why choose between beauty and functionality when you can have both? It’s important that your furniture expresses who you are. To that end, you’ll need a master furniture craftsman to deliver on the promises of Mid Century modern furniture design, the power of symmetry, and self expression

How do you want your house to look? What do you want your furniture to say about you?