Iconic Tables

October 24, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/24/2016

Anyone familiar with Gingko Furniture knows that we have an eye for beautiful design. From iconic chairs, to beautiful couches and formal dining room furniture, Gingko is a one stop destination for the intersection of aesthetics and functionality.

By embracing Mid Century modern design and solid walnut wood furniture, we are able to produce custom made furniture that look and feel like originals–because they are!

So why do we love fashionable table design?It’s because we’ve inherited our look not only from great art movements, but also from iconic looks. To celebrate, iconic design, below are a few tables famous for their unique and simplistic design.

The Mid Century modern dining table

What makes for a Mid Century modern dining table? Well, in fact it is the beauty and conciseness of this furniture that makes it what it is. In the modern urban home, we don’t have room for extra space. Instead of big, bulky tables, the Mid Century modern table embraces honesty, and simplistic design.

It’s simple plains and beautiful edges will make anyone know that they are beautiful and elegant and to die for!

 But what are a few other iconic tables that have fascinated people?

The Noguchi Coffee Table is an example of modernist tables. This glass table with a wooden base does a lot in the realm of creating space for smaller homes. It also prides itself on its ability to create an atmosphere of simplicity no matter where it rests.

The widespread fame of this particular piece is in part due to the reputation of Noguchi himself. An internationalist, Noguchi’s life’s work had a massive impact on the arts and is considered an influential member amongst the pantheon of great artists of the 1900s.

The Tulip Table

Another iconic design is the tulip table. Although the table itself is made out of two different parts, it is covered in a casing that allows for the furniture to flow seamlessly together, creating that look of simplicity that we love in Mid Century modern design.

The Parson’s Table

Named after the Parson’s school of design where designer Jean-Michel schooled at, this table is considered a mainstay in regards to its influence on design. It is easy to see how this simplistic table, with four right angles, was born out of the early 1900s movement towards simplistic design.