Famous Mid Century Modern Homes to visit in the Midwest

November 29, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 11/21/2016

What are the top locations to visit in the mid-west for Mid Century modern? While places like Denver, Palm springs, and other select neighborhoods in the country are known for their mid century modern designs, these five locations are likely to get you inspired for Mid Century modern design.

What is Mid Century modern? It is a style of furniture from the mid, 1900s, that celebrates simplicity, elegance, and clean lines. It’s incorporated into every aspect of our furniture. That and our dedication to handcrafting our pieces from solid walnut wood makes Ginkgo an unique furniture maker.

So without further ado, view this list of top houses to look out for as you travel through the mid-west next vacation.

1.Miller house and garden, Indiana.

Looking for inspiration on how to keep your house simple and open to the outside air? The Miller house might be the perfect choice for your visit. Not only is the outside a work of art, the house itself showcases the works of famous architects and designers like Eero Saarinen.

2. Aldo B Dow House, Michigan

What is more beautiful than a home on the water? A mid century modern home on the water! This home, designed by (you guessed it) Aldo B dow is a national landmark. Find it in Michigan, all seekers of great design. You won’t be disappointed!

3. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, Wisconsin

Perhaps one of the greatest architects of the last century, Wright’s many designs and buildings give credit to his genius. Though his work can be seen many places, for those in search of a more intimate experience with great design, the Taliesin is a historic spot to visit and gain inspiration from.

Visiting the Taliesin home is personable experience, and the campus it is located on boasts a home from nearly every decade of Wright’s lengthy career.

4. The Farnsworth House, Illinois

Created by another one of the great architects of last century, The Farnsworth house encapsulates an idea. Made from alternative materials and constructed to be at the space “between the sky and the earth,” this home was created by Mies Van der Rohe. Experts believe that this home marked an important turning point in Van der Rohe’s career. Though its livability may be questionable, it was created to be home that is at one with nature.

5. The Charnley House, Chicago

Also created by Frank Lloyd Wright, the Charnley house is considered a major proponent of the Prairie House movement. Like the other houses on this list, you can tour the Charnley house and see for yourself what the great minds of last century created, and how those designs and buildings forever changed our notion of interior design.