How to Bring Mid Century Modern into your Home

November 17, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 11/17/206

We talk a lot about Mid Century modern design. And while young people are embracing this trend in droves, a lot of mid century modern looks are –well –dated.

At Gingko, we bring the best in current, contemporary designs along with the tradition of fine craftsmanship that is the lifeblood of our furniture.

So what are a few ways that you can learn from us in making your home not only mid century modern, but ahead of the curve in terms of contemporary looks?

Exposed wood

Solid walnut wood furniture is all the rage –today perhaps more than ever. We’re learning again the value of quality craftsmanship. What’s one way to use Mid Century modern to make your home look chic? Let the exposed wood talk for itself.

Exposed hardwood, like our mid century modern tables, can be the centerpiece of your living area. The simplicity and elegance of fine, quality walnut wood is a contemporary choice that speaks not only of good taste, but is a design that will last as well.

Natural colors

One design trend that is here to stay is one towards not only natural and raw materials, but natural colors, as well. Adorning your house with natural colors will compliment the clean lines of mid century modern chairs and design. It will also give your house that timeless look that mid century modern is known for.

Less is more

Not everyone gets this, but for those who do, they’re sure to reap the benefits of a beautiful home that contains the promises of mid century modern design.

When your furniture takes up less space, it is natural that you will have more space to live in. For urban dwellers this is a particular draw for our favorite trend –because they know the value of every square inch.

The good thing is you won’t have to remodel your home to achieve this timeless look –the simplicity of mid century modern furniture will help make your home look open and new on its own.

Natural lighting

Bring the outdoors in with plenty of window light. Maximize on whatever window light you have available, as it’s proven to make your living space look and feel bigger. Did you know that having a  view of nature out your window can also help inhabitants focus better? If you can, plant a tree outside or maybe an accessible, windowsill garden.

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