Taking the Next Step – How to Pick out Furniture as a Couple

October 10, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/10/2016

It’s a great thing when you decide to start a home together. When couples look forward to moving in, they often think about how their lives are going to look. Apart from the shared bathroom space, picking out food that you both like to eat, there’s going to be a whole new challenge that you haven’t even thought about yet –what furniture will you both choose to invest in?

Investing in quality furniture

One of the first questions couples will have to ask themselves as they move in with one another is whether to invest in quality furniture or the cheaper substitute?

Benefits of quality furniture

The benefits of quality furniture are many, and you’ll have to keep them in mind when making the decision about what kind of furniture to invest in.

A few benefits of quality furniture include:

Custom made, quality furniture made from solid walnut woods and other hardwoods is less likely to need to be replaced because of scratching, dents, or breaking. Furniture purchased from master craftsmen who pride themselves in the works of art they create will remain in style long after you purchase them.

Timeless design is something built into the furniture at Gingko. The clean lines and planes of our furniture appeal to basic, aesthetic notions. Ever heard of symmetry? It’s basically something built into our natural ability to distinguish the beautiful from the ugly.

How to choose furniture together

Studies show that families where both partners make a significant investment into their house and home are much more likely to be happy than families where only one partner carries the burden of home making.

But how in the world is a couple supposed to be able to choose the furniture that will be in their home when it is already so difficult to make a choice by yourself about the couch that you want, and the chair or table?

Choosing as a couple

Though perhaps more difficult for some couples than others, experts suggest that couples spend time together to discuss the look and makeup of their future home together. This can save not only emotional stress in the long run, but financial stress as well.

Choosing furniture that is not only timeless but likely to be cherished by both partners for a long time to come eliminates the need for making expensive replacements down the line.