Urban Living in the Country– Bringing Modern Neighborhoods to the wide Open Spaces

October 12, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/12/2016

We’ve talked often about Mid Century Modern furniture and how beautiful it is. In fact, there is something about the symmetry about Mid Century modern furniture and architecture that makes it a mainstay in the minds of Americans and people around the world.

We know this popular design trend for the many incorporations into city living. Indeed, it has actually set the standard for what urban living looks like. So what is this about modern neighborhoods emerging outside of the city? Can Mid Century modern exist elsewhere?

 Mid Century modern in the country.

In fact, it can. Mid Century modern is not monopolized by cities, though sometimes it might seem that way! There are many houses that embrace the clean lines and simplistic design of our favorite trend. Where can these homes be found?

Visitors to California’s wine country might be surprised to find villas made to the specifics of Mid Century modern. These urban homes fit in every bit as much with the wine country aesthetic as do more elaborate looking locals –like the Castello di Amorosa.

Small living in wide open spaces?

Traditionally, we wouldn’t be likely to think of people in the country as needing Mid Century modern design. Mid Century modern emerged as a way for people to live well in smaller space. But in the country, we have wide open space.

In truth, many farmers, and country lovers dwell in houses just as small as the ones we city slickers reside in. For them, the expanse of land is being used for something else. So there is just as much of a need in the country in these smaller abodes for furniture scaled for urban life.

Incorporating simple design into big homes

And what about those houses that are quite a bit bigger? A brief look through of all these mid century modern homes that are not in the city are enough to show us that it’s not enough to do this alone in the city. IT shows that even in the country, people are looking for a different way to live. They are looking to embrace the principles of aesthetic and functionality.

The link between country living and Mid Century modern design

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that country people can be just as sensitive to beautiful furniture as the rest of us. After all, Mid Century modern is linked closely with the essence of country living. To begin with, Mid Century modern was a movement for bringing the outdoors inside. It’s no wonder that there is such a trend towards mid century modern design far away from the city. Where nature is available in abundance.