The Call of the Millennial – Embracing the Homestead

October 05, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/05/2016

Gingko furniture is every much as made for the young professional as it is for the retiree or person in the prime of their career. This being the case, many young people today are opting out of a traditional lifestyle with a home, a family, and a steady career.

Many of us today are looking for a career that will fulfill us, not working to find fulfillment. The difference in outlook might be subtle, but the outcome is decidedly noticeable!

As a result, trends towards living in cars, not looking for a serious career till we reach our thirties, are becoming the norm. Not to mention that today, 1/3 people in their twenties are still living with their parents.

Turning the trend towards the home

While there must be something to be said about living such a young, wild and free lifestyle, there are very good reasons to opt out of choosing to waylay emergence into the world of a steady income and the same place to lay your head at each night.

Roaming around Europe is fun no matter how old, or young, you are. So can road tripping, which might be why so many of our greatest novels have been written about seemingly endless adventures into the countryside.

Still, there’s something else you might miss out on.

The fear of missing out and social media

Perhaps not helping this longing to travel endlessly through night and day is the reliance on social media that now exists for young people. It has become a fixed part of social interaction. There is no friendship formed now without the impact of social media, no relationship made away from googling her, or his, name.

The beauty of missing out

But if you’re looking for a reason to make that jump into home living, and embracing the urban lifestyle, here are a few reasons–

If you aren’t rich by the time you’re 30, chances are you never will be.

Studies released recently show that there is a higher likelihood of getting rich in your twenties and early thirties than at any other point in your life. Sure, the elderly have moe income in general than we do.

But those who really strike it rich and have the quality of living for their whole lives are much more likely to make it when they are still young.

So maybe finding your place at an earlier age isn’t all that bad, after all? And if your’e going to pick a place to live, and a job t