How to Give Your Home the Timeless Look

August 25, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 8/25/2016

The design horizon is privy to changes in an overwhelming number of trends. Each year, the old is replaced with the new, only to be replaced again with newer and sometimes more elaborate trends the following year. Amidst these changing trends, how can we find a home design that is timeless, and furniture to compliment it?


Despite what these changing trends might suggest, some things never change. The same, Hellenic design that once adorned the streets of Rome can be seen in many of today’s finest architectural pieces. The charms and colors of deep, rich hardwoods are another touch of simplicity that never goes out of style.

How to create timeless design

Timeless design is not preoccupied with trends. In actuality, these designs spend more effort ignoring trends than it does abiding by them. Forget the new color schemes, the grandiose couches, or the newest kitchen set sold at Ikea. Get back to the basics.

Revel in clean designs, simple lines, and in the honesty that quality furniture provides to give your home the timeless look that you are searching for.

Why quality furniture is timeless

There’s a reason why quality furniture is seen as timeless. It has a little something to do with functionality, and a lot to do with design. True craftsmen invest in the pieces they make, imbuing each chair, table and set with an attention to detail, functionality and design. Quality furniture speaks honestly about the intentions of the home, the maker, and the buyer. It is proportionate, durable, and yes – beautiful.

But this beauty comes from its simplicity, its ability to be adapted into any room of the home while looking like it belongs.

Gingko Furniture –the essence of timeless design

Durability, functionality, simplicity – these are the things that inspire our designs at Gingko. Even more than this, Gingko furniture embraces a dormant expression unique to the Bay Area. Our furniture combines qualities from different regions, Chinese with European and local design, to create a truly timeless expression of urban home life.

Our design is affordable, and contrary to the kind of furniture you will find at stores that have picked up only the recent trends, you won’t have to replace our pieces – something that will save you money overtime. We are inheritors of timeless design, with a commitment to excellence that the true craftsman of quality, custom made solid furniture lives and breathes on.