Urban Living is Synonymous with Gingko Furniture

August 23, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 8/23/2016

Urban dwellers have less space, and it’s the price we pay for late night mojitos and great museums. Though having less square footage means making use out of the space provided, it doesn’t mean we can’t still have the furniture we desire.

Why Urban Dwellers want Gingko furniture

If you are like most city dwellers, then a little goes a long way. Furniture designed to take up less space, floor plans that allow for freedom of movement – these are the things city dwellers thrive on.

Young professionals living in the city are realizing the freedom and ease that modern furniture design gives. With busy schedules during the day, along with the infamous side hustles that they are becoming known for, young professionals know the value of a simple, honest design. Gingko’s furniture caters to the urban dweller ensconced in city life. We handcraft our furniture with them in mind – which means our pieces are made smaller in scale, and embrace an honest and simple look.

The next generation – making more out of less

Young professionals have a robust set of wants and needs that come along with a busy and often demanding work week. We balance work days with social time, school loans with housing payments. Our American dream is not just to one day retire to a white picket fence in the suburbs. In fact, Millennials are likely to list personal fulfillment as their number one priority when choosing a job.

Whether or not they find a job that’s fulfilling, they’re likely to search for peace and ease at home. Chiseling out personal space is easier with fine, elegant furniture. Personalizing one's living space makes the apartment or town house more than a place –it becomes a refuge, readily available either for quality time spent alone or with friends.

Other reasons for simplicity

But millennials aren’t the only ones in need of small scale furniture to suit their urban lifestyle. Aside from city natives, plenty of older men, women and couples are choosing to downsize. This is particularly true about people of retiring age looking to settle down. As we face the end of our working days, our priorities change. Kids are out of the house. Things that once made sense to keep, rooms that were once practical, become superfluous as we contemplate the shape we want the rest of our life to take.

For this reason, Gingko Furniture makes as good a companion for the young professional seeking simplicity and clarity at home as it does the retiree. No matter what stage of life, Gingko furniture is the ideal compliment for the urban homestead.