Iconic Chairs and where to find them

September 29, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 9/29/2016

What is the connection between art, design, and furniture? We can’t escape the way that art influences the things we wear, the things we watch, and now even the things we sit on. Though there are plenty of things we sit on, some of these “chairs” as we so carelessly call them were once considered statements in and of themselves. Some of these are Mid Century modern chairs. But even better than these iconic chairs are the Mid Century modern chairs made by master furniture makers like Gingko.

The Tulip Chair

First on the list is theTulip Chair. Designed by Finnish designer, which makes for just another example of the impact of Scandinavian design, these chairs are made of aluminum. Though they look like one, single piece, the chair is actually two parts, the stool at the bottom, and the curved top. The coated finish serves its purpose of creating a chair that appears to be one organic form.

Earnes Molded Plastic Chair

Another iconic chair of the kind you find in shows like Mad Men is theEarnes Molded Plastic Chair. You can read all about the history of how this chair came into being, but what really matter is that this chair matches the simple design that we crave mixed with the ease and practicality it affords.

The Ghost Chair

It’s called a ghost chair because you can’t really see it. Like many of the other iconic chairs, this one is more of a statement than it is something you’d see around the home.

The Ghost Chair takes a classic design and adds a twist –the translucent materialand combination of styles makes this piece something that defies both time and space. 

Mid Century modern and wooden furniture

Though these iconic sets are no doubt pieces of innovative artwork, when held up to the standard of everyday living, they may not hold up as nice as they look.

The advantage of investing in custom made furniture made from solid walnut wood is knowing that your furniture will remain beautiful and enrich your home for years to come.

Plastic and aluminum chairs may be fun to look at, but when it comes to decorating your home with quality, lasting furniture, no material can beat solid walnut wood. Bring nature into your home and embrace the trend of the future –the trend towards more, raw materials and away from plastics and artificial substitutes.