Mid Century Modern Chairs And the Chair As Concept

September 28, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 9/28/2016

What are some of your favorite, quirky design for chairs? Maybe a few come to mind? In fact, the Mid Century modern chair, and all of its companions, are popular in pop culture. Their appearance in shows like Madmen and big screen movies just goes to show how important the chair is as a concept.

Chair as concept

What do we mean by chair as concept? It’s simple, really. We mean that to us, the chair means a lot more than just something we passively sit on. We’ve talked before about how couches have a rich history. Chairs likewise have been a symbol for power, authority and social  class.

What has the chair as a concept been associated with? As far back as the ancient Egyptians, the chair has been a symbol for authority and power. It was the seat that the Pharaoh sat on, the Chinese Emperor, and the English Royalty.

Aesthetic vs Utility

The utility of the chair is obvious, so it makes sense that it’s remained a part of our homes since the beginning of time. But we also look at the thrones and seats of honor. These chairs are almost always adorned with intricate designs, finishing, and enamored with upholstery.

The chair that is finely built, and enamored with these attentions that only a master craftsman is capable of giving it, stands out as something more than a chair.

Which is exactly why the throne, the seat, as a concept is so strong. Anyone can use any old chair. But only special people deserve special chair.

Mass production and the defeat of intricacy

The Mid Century modern chair, however, does not stand out because of its intricate design, its finishing, or its decoration. In fact, the Mid Century modern chair is known for the exact opposite –its simplicity, its clean lines, and the raw wood that exists to make a point.

The Mid Century modern chair turns the chair as concept on its head. It says that simplicity is the new shiek –that aesthetic is not only for royalty, it is for me. For my home.

Gingko Furniture and the Mid Century modern chair

Gingko believes in bringing the finest quality furniture to your home. We do this by not only paying great attention to the make, build, and material of our furniture, but also by making our furniture affordable to the modern urban dweller.

Adorn your home not with a throne but with a chair that makes an even bolder claim –one that empowers the individual and raises the bar for what makes for quality, custom made furniture.