Making the Kitchen Fabulous and Functional

December 26, 2016 2 min read

The holidays are quickly coming up, and for many families that means tons of fruitcake, Christmas pudding, Christmas cookies, and Christmas parties. The kitchen often becomes the meeting area during get-together and oftentimes the living room is neglected for sweets and gossip. It’s not surprising then that many people are refurbishing their kitchens with new cabinets, breaking down a wall to bring in more space, and adding in new modern appliances to keep up with the cooking. If you want to spice up your kitchen, while still maintaining its functionality, this article will show you how mid century modern furniture will give your kitchen the revival it so desperately needs. Read on to find out you can make your kitchen grand central, while still keeping it aesthetically pleasing and practical. You’d be surprised at the many easy and simple ways to accomplish this momentous task.

Get Scrubbing

When there’s cooking to be done, there’s a lot of gunk and mess in the end. Your vents get greasy and caked up with dust. Your microwave is splattered with food stains. And your counter has definitely seen better days. If you want your kitchen to look wonderful during the holidays, make sure you give it a proper cleaning. This means scrubbing away the dirt and grime, steaming away the grease, and polishing off the kitchen floors.

Say Hello to Décor

Sometimes a little bit of holiday cheer is what you need to bring some life to your kitchen. Some tinsel and holly and maybe some holiday music will make your kitchen sparkle and shine. It’s an easy and fun way to get ready for the holidays and you can even get the family involved.

Replacing the Dinner Table

If there’s going to be food, there has to be a table to eat it on. The dining table becomes the staging area during holiday dinners because this is where people sit, eat, and talk. A mid century dining table is wonderful because it can function as a table for a small family, but it could also be converted as a table to seat many more. It’s a timeless and classic piece that can easily blend in with the crowd of people, but still stand out during a house tour. And if people are butting elbows during dinner, it’s time to upgrade.