When is it Time to Upgrade My Furniture?

December 26, 2016 2 min read

A few tempting mid century furniture sales have popped up on your radar and you’re wondering if now is a good time to replace your couch with something spectacular. Should you wait for the New Year when the old goes out and the new comes in? Or should you wait for that promotion you’ve been eyeing so you can buy the furniture in bulk? Of course buying furniture should not be an impulse decision -- after all, you have to think about how the furniture will mesh with your other pieces and color schemes. So when is it a good time to purchase your new furniture pieces? This article will break down the moments when it’s both a good or bad time to bring in that new modern chair. You will be surprised at what you’re about to learn.

The Bad Times to Make a Purchase

There are a few times when it’s not a good idea to make a furniture purchase. Of course you will want to wait for a sale, unless you love a piece so much that you have to have it. If that’s the case then buy away.

You should also not buy a furniture piece when you don’t know what you want. If you cannot envision what your room will look like, or have doubts about the marble coffee table meshing with your futon, then it’s probably best to wait. If you are not sure about your purchase, do not go through with it.

Also, do not purchase a piece that you truly do not like. Everyone has different tastes, but simply because your mother or best friend likes it doesn’t mean you should too. This is your home after all, so make it feel as such.

The Good Times to Make a Purchase

The most obvious time to make a furniture purchase is when your current piece has given out on you. If you don’t like the look of a current piece, or it’s been worn to the bits, it’s time for a replacement.

The second time to make a purchase is when you’re ready for a change. Maybe you’ve moved in with your partner, or you’ve gotten a new job in a completely new town, whatever the case bringing in new future will help usher in change.

Lastly, make a furniture purchase if you truly love the piece. If you love a walnut coffee table or the mid century cabinet has caught your eye, get it. If there’s a sale on an item you’ve desperately wanted, snatch it. There is such a thing as true love when it comes to furniture, so don’t hesitate.