Mid Century Modern Furniture

August 16, 2016 2 min read

 Post Date: 8/16/2016

Mid Century Modern is a buzzword we’ve seen being used from designer furniture to department stores. It has become such a common word that its meaning might be threatened. Despite what your department store or eCommerce site might tell you, Mid Century Modern Furniture refers to the developments made to furniture made in the mid 1900s. Simplistic design influenced by Scandinavian designers was the harrowing detail most desired in this period’s furniture.

This style of home decor, inspired by the post WWII era, has remained in fashion long after its establishment. Unfortunately, the term has become such a marketing buzzword that in reality, most people who claim to be manufacturing Mid Century Modern furniture may draw little to no inspiration from the design. 

Why is Mid Century Modern popular? 

The reason that Mid Century Modern furniture has remained so popular for years and years after it’s inception is really a phenomena that can only be explained through its incorporation into popular culture. It’s trendy to have Mid Century Modern furniture. 

Though the furniture may have originally gained popularity years ago, there’s something timeless and elegant about its design that people just can’t get enough of. Shows like Mad Men, and many others, have helped keep this furniture in the forefront of our minds. It seems quite safe to say that Mid Century Modern is going to be here for some time. 

Mid Century Modern Furniture – Furniture for the Urban Dweller 

Another reason that Mid Century Modern furniture is so popular today is due to the convenience it provides for urban dwellers. Because living conditions in the city are cramped, the smaller scaled designs of Mid Century Modern still resonate with city dwellers everywhere.

Where can you find real mid century designed furniture? 

But because the label Mid Century Modern is now so prolific, how can you be sure to find real mid century furniture? There are still few furniture makers that will deliver on the promise of authentic, Mid Century Modern furniture. 

Gingko is one of the few still committed to the design and handcrafting of Mid Century Modern furniture. We use old world techniques to handcraft our furniture. It’s more than just a buzzword for us – it’s a way of life. 

Not only is our furniture hand crafted from fine walnut wood, we also follow the traditional designs combined with current trends. Our furniture is the elegant and durable choice furniture for urban dwellers.