Natural Design Trends of 2016

July 19, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 7/19/2016

Looking for new trends on the rise this year? According toHouzz, trends we are expected to see involve a shift away from previously poplar trends in home decor. Among the many trends to look out for, a shift towards a natural, organic look and feel features prominently on the list. Wood furniture in light finishes that showcase their natural texture and grain are in the spotlight of this year’s popular design trends.

Apart from incorporating natural wood into interior design, other trends favoring simplicity and nature are on the rise. These include the reestablishment of the formal dining room, a rising popularity for sunrooms, tech free living rooms, and more.

Dining Rooms for Dining

Remember the old art of entertaining? It seems that amidst the TVs, tablets and video games, 2016 family homes are realizing the need for simple spaces that nurture family and community. Dining rooms specifically intended for hosting guests are on the rise. Homeowners are putting a good deal of effort into their dining rooms, making them elegant yet inviting and unique expressions of their style.

Organic Materials


An increased focus on their healthy living, beginning with the materials and finishes used in their homes further underscores the interest in natural looks. We want furniture that will make us feel connected to nature and reject furniture which use toxic or overly processed materials.  This echoes today’s strong interest in natural food free of hormones and additives and rejection of processed, prepackaged goods. The trend towards the raw, natural looks echoes our own desire for a more organic existence. A great example of this look is Gingko’s George Dining Table featuring a live edge Walnut top.

Techless living rooms

After a long day spent in front of screens, families are realizing the need for a techless space to talk with one another or read a book and unwind. Another trend to look out for is the techless living room, a revolution against the TV-centered living space of years passed. As we get more and more accustomed to days spent in front of our computers, expect the techless living room to be a staple to stay.




Looking for a little extra light without going outdoors? Sunrooms are just another example of ways people are getting back to nature this year. Besides sunrooms being pleasant to relax in, they are also abeneficial to health.  Grab a book and curl up in natural lighting or have a glass of lemonade with friends. Sunrooms can be an extension of your home, or simply a room in your house that allows for plenty of light.

Gingko Home Furnishings –Naturally Modern Designs

Gingko’s hand-crafted solid Walnut designs embody many of these trends towards organic materials that emphasize nature and health.  Remarkably, this is not a new direction for Gingko Home Furnishings where we have always created our furniture exclusively from solid wood where simple lines elegantly fashioned allow the beauty of the natural materials speak for themselves.