Why You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Sitting or Standing

July 14, 2016 2 min read

Adjustable Height Desk, Stand / Sit Desk, Motorized with Memory Settings


Post Date: 7/14/2016

The workplace is changing. Hours are more flexible. Freelancing, telecommuting, and other forms of remote work are growing commonplace. Top companies look and feel more like colleges than traditional working places. They are compelled to create comfortable and lucrative environments for their employees in order to compete with this trend away from the rigid, and towards an environment that embraces the unique, the open minded, the attention to individualism.

One trend to look out for in this new job frontier is the standing desk. You will see them in corporate offices across the SF Bay Area. But they aren’t only for the office. As people realize a need for a healthier workday, they are turning towards the freedom and health benefits that the standing desk can help provide.

The negative effects of sitting all day

Recent studies show a correlation between extended hours of sitting and poor health. People who once accepted long hours at a desk as part of their working life are reassessing their needs.

Yet one problem remains: it’s challenging not to sit too much. We sit at work, we sit during our commute, we sit after dinner in front of the TV. How do we cut back on sitting? Is standing the answer?

People are starting to ask questions, and it turns out that standing desk doesn’t hold all the answers. Standing all day can be just as bad for you as sitting all day is.

When used properly, however, the standing desk does have proven health benefits. People are shown to live less sedentary lifestyles, their cardiovascular health improves, and they have increased productivity simply by having a standing desk incorporated into their daily routine.

The answer?

The standing desk alone is not the solution to muscular, cardiovascular healthand general well being. We need a more integrated approach between sitting, standing and work.

There is no reason to settle for a desk that can only do one or the other.

Gingko’s adjustable height desk

Gingko Furniture’s’ Bainbridge Standing Desk offers the solution to the debate between sitting and standing when at work. Our adjustable height desk provides an easy to adjust surface that can shift between a sitting and standing desk. The desk is equipped with a motorized lift system that raises and lowers the desk’s surface at the touch of a button.  It also features multiple memory settings so that you can program the perfect ergonometric height for up to 3 people.  

The Bainbridge Standing Desk by Ginkgo boasts a 1.5” walnut desktop--a far cry from the laminate surfaces included in many mass-produced standing desks.  The beauty of the walnut grain has a warmth and richness that will enhance the home office.  

It’s the perfect choice for the urban dweller in need of taking advantage of limited space, or for the office worker committed to a healthier workday.  

Gingko’s desks and tables are all made by hand using old world techniques. Our adjustable desks, just like all of our walnut furniture, stand at the height of mid-century modern trends and innovations in home design.