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Post Date : 7/12/2016

Welcome to 2016 – while major companies are okay with their employers biking to work in flip flops and t-shirts, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the generation of causal. Today’s homeowners are anything but casual when it comes to entertaining friends and family, putting great care into creating memorable experiences.  The home is once again becoming a place for lively discussion, fun get-togethers, and fabulous food.  At the center of these experiences is the dining table around which we gather to connect, communicate and celebrate.  Today’s home-owners are looking for that special table that will be the foundation for making memories.

The Dining Room Table – a place to gather

The Dining Table is the hub of the home.  While kitchen tables have often given way to quick grab and go counters, the Dining Table is where the family can sit down at the end of the day and connect.  A plethora of social science research documents how families who regularly eat dinner together benefit their children in many ways ranging from improved vocabulary amongst toddlers to reduced obesity and better health outcomes to reduced high risk behaviors among teens.  With increased interest in cuisine, foodies and fun lovers alike plan parties around the dining table.  Thanksgiving and holiday meals around the table are central to creating lasting family traditions.

Today’s Dining Tables

Today’s dining table trends focus on solid hardwood tables, with solid Walnut tables being the prized choice.  There is nothing like a rich slab of walnut wood featuring organically flowing live edge design to set the tone of natural elegance in the dining room.  Gone are the days of super shiny buffed dark woods that needed to be covered by pads and clothes.  Today’s dining tables honor the beauty of the natural materials that are used to create these heirloom pieces that play center stage in family events.

To create a lighter, more modern feeling, dining tables are stained in light tones that reveal the  natural grain of the wood and are finished with natural wax, buffed to a soft, satin glow.  Often wood is combined with stainless steel or metal with custom rubbed finishes that balance the wood table tops.  Dining room “sets” are being discarded in favor or mix and match selections which highlight the home owner’s unique style and taste.  Personal expression is the name of the game--Solid Walnut dining tables can be paired with chairs in fabric, leather, metal or even a mix of all of these.

Investment Pieces with Intrinsic Value

People are moving to reject the fast-food, disposable mentality when applied to shopping for key pieces of furniture to create their homes.  There is increasing concern about the quality and sustainability of the materials we usher into our lives.  Laminates slapped on top of pressed wood chips held together by a toxic mix of glues and potions are not healthy to live with and are inconsistent with our values. Instead of opting for the low-cost quick fix that we know will need to be replaced in a few years, people are instead carefully selecting styles that feature top craftsmanship applied to quality materials that will serve their families for years.

That’s precisely what you will find at Gingko Home Furnishings. Each piece of furniture is hand made by a skilled carpenter who carefully chooses the most appropriate walnut timber before making even the first cut.  The components of each table, cabinet or chair are cut by hand and fitted together with traditional mortise & tenon or dovetail joinery to create the strong, stable pieces that do not rely on glue and nails for their structure.

Whether you purchase one of Gingko’s standard items or work with our staff to customize a piece to your unique requirements, either way, you know you will be bringing a quality table into your home.  Where better to gather together with friends and family. So, visit www.gingkofurniture.com  to see the wide selection of custom made pieces available for you.