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Post Date : 7/7/2016

As owners of solid walnut furniture and custom made furniture can attest,  solid walnut furniture is as sustainable as it is beautiful.  Because of this, walnut wood has been gaining popularity in recent years. This rise of popularity marks a shift in how consumers are choosing to invest in their furniture.

We at Gingko believe in the future of walnut wood. Our designs combine icon styles with classic looks. We are as much rooted in the history of walnut woods as we are aware of current trends in interior design, and are dedicated to creating custom made furniture from the wood that will last.


History of walnut wood


Walnut Wood has a rich history. The advent of furniture made from walnut wood did not come about until after the middle ages when certain technologies made it possible to make furniture out of this hardwood. As woodworking techniques improved, walnut wood also gave rise to an entire profession: the cabinet maker. Cabinet makers were master builders of furniture made from walnut.

As life grew more comfortable, so did the demand for different kinds of tables. Soon cabinets weren’t the only things being made from walnut –more leisure time made it practical to make furniture that served specific purposes, such as card tables and tea tables.

By the Victorian Era, walnut wood had become the choice wood for furnishings.


Workable and elegant


Walnut wood is noted for its workability and beauty. It is theonly rich, dark colored wood found naturally in America. Its reliability combined with its workability means that not only can it be bent to make curved shapes, it doesn’t have sap pockets that might cause problems later. It is easy to fasten together when making furniture, takes finishing and staining well, and grows in beauty and character as it ages.

Walnut is highly functional because of its ability to absorb impact without being dented or marred. For this reason it makes a great wood for doors and furniture. Its uses range from cabinets to car upholstery to floors. It’s even used for airplane propellers.

Walnut wood is also popular because of how well it takes finishings and carvings. It is an amazing source for highly figured veneer.


Walnut wood on the rise


At theHigh Point Market this year, the use of walnut wood saw a huge increase in bedroom furnishings. This is thanks to the fact that designers are looking for more elegant designs for home interiors. Few woods supply the level of class and timelessness that walnut wood does.

Apart from elegance, walnut wood is a good fit with modern trends toward a more mixed and matched home interior, and the natural, eco-friendly designs that people are gravitating towards.


Gingko design – the future of walnut wood


Rooted in the tradition of fine furniture handcrafted using old world techniques, Gingko furniture is the equilibrium between quality, affordability, and style. We make our furniture by hand, so every piece is an original. Visit our site,gingkofurniture.com to learn more about our quality furniture. Be a part of the future –invest in Gingko Furniture.