Mission Style Furniture

October 31, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/31/2016

We at Gingko Furniture, pride ourselves on not only our dedication to Mid Century modern furniture, but for our sophisticated blending of Mid Century modern furniture with iconic design. We combine Chinese Aesthetic with European finery. But there’s another style we draw inspiration from–Mission Style Furniture.

But what is the Mission Style, and how did it become so popular that it’s now a household term? What are its characteristics unique to its style?

British Origins of Mission Style Furniture

The victorian era was an influential time for not only our history, but for the future of furniture. During this era, the ornate was valued above all else. Furnitures adorned and carved intricately and ornately was popular. This furniture was made with the aristocrat, the nobleman in mind.

Though it was during this time that quality furniture became accessible to the common home, it was certainly not made with the working class in mind.

The desire for Mission Style came in part from this era. It developed out of a trend, much like the art nouveau movement, and subsequently Mid Century modern design, away from the ornate, and embracing the simple design..


The Mission Style Chair –height of Mission Style Furniture


The quintessential piece of mission style furniture is the chair. Though the movement has roots in the Victorian era, the chair is in fact inspired by the Spanish Missions. In these missions, the pews were designed in a simple way.

Though people often assume mission style furniture comes from the missions lining California, the movement actually has little to do with these churches.


Characteristics of Mission Style

Mission Style Furniture is distinguished by its bold look, its exposed carpentry, and its lack of extra decoration. Reminiscent of rustic living, this furniture sought to bring back craftsmanship and humane living to the face of mass produced furniture.


Ginkgo and Mission Style Furniture

Today, Gingko furniture embraces this bold mission –our Mid Century modern furniture is handcrafted and sold to you here in the Bay Area.

We embrace the clean lines of classic design, combined with Iconic looks. We stand at the summit of Mid Century modern styles. We incorporate the best of East, West, and Missionary style furniture and make each piece from solid walnut wood.