Trends in SF bay area offices

October 28, 2016 2 min read

Post Date: 10/28/2016

What makes San Francisco such a great place to live and work? Well, we’ve got jobs, great weather, every food imaginable –and awesome office spaces?

Design trends in the office are having as big of an impact on our work lives as are interior design trends at home. In order to celebrate our progressive working conditions, we’ve put together a list of trends to look out for in offices in and around the Bay Area.

Trends in the office space – Natural finishes

Natural finishes are popular. Much like how having a friendly office pet, or a ping pong table are known to reduce stress in the office space and create more efficient workers, natural wood furniture creates a less tense atmosphere.

Have we mentioned grass walls are also a thing? Having exposed, grass walls and naturally finished wood in the office has a similar effect on reducing our stress levels as being in the forest does.

 Height adjustable desks

A metaphor for the growing flexibility of the workforce, the adjustable height desks shows how employers are taking more time to think about the needs of their employees. Walk around the top tech companies in the US and you’ll find that plenty of people will be looking for a place to rest their tired back and then sit at these desks that not only offer a great place for people who want to sit, but who want to stand as well.

Now, with these new and chic designs that allow for newer and better places for our people to work and live, there is the notion that our home lives will somehow blend into our work lives.

The upside of this –never fear bringing your jeans and hoodie to work are going to be a problem. Lounging around couches in the office is also the norm. But don’t forget that with such an accommodating work environment, we’ll need an equally accommodating home.

Gingko Furniture and the reinvention of home and work

Because of this blurring between home and work, it’s become more important than ever for professionals  to have a clear idea of what they are looking for in their home environment.

Gingko furniture, and our clean, elegant Mid Century modern furniture is a timeless favorite for any home or office looking to inject beauty and functionality into the home. Our natural finishes and solid walnut wood make for a perfect compliment for the office space looking to reduce stress levels, as well as for the home maker who wants to bring down stress levels around the house.