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Mid century modern furniture’s appeal has been long lasting due to the several unique qualities it contributes to any home.  Key components of mid century modern furniture include use of natural wood timber highlighting the wood’s grain; sleek, elegant design lines, and compact sizes that deliver comfort in a small footprint.

These qualities are clearly influenced by the Scandinavian origins of many iconic mid century modern furniture designers.  For example, northern Europe rich in natural resources including lumber and had plentiful supplies of the finely grained Walnut woods featured in midcentury furniture. The mid-century time period generally refers to the middle of the 20th century—the 1950s and 1960s when innovation in manufacturing allowed for steel and plywood to be molded into slim yet strong curvilinear shapes. Many of these shapes and construction materials form the foundation of classic midcentury designs such as the Eames Lounge Chair. 

The natural, organic warmth of the Walnut grain was the perfect counterbalance

Post war Europe was rebuilding in the 1950s and 1960s as legions of young families yearned for their own homes. Space was at a premium and therefore the ability to create stylish, well-crafted designs to furnish smaller spaces was in high demand. 

Mid century modern furniture is celebrated for its ability to offer comfort without overwhelming size and mass. Technological breakthroughs in the quality of foam padding and woven webbing allowed mid century modern furniture manufacturers to delivery extremely comfortable upholstered pieces without the bulk of the “old fashioned” designs which relied on heavy springs, wool and horsehair stuffing and jute webbing.

Great mid century modern furniture design was not limited, however, to the Scandinavia. internationally   breakthrough mid century modern designers such as Sergio Rodrigues and Joaquim Tenreiro in Brasil and Ray and Charles Eames, George Nelson, Florence Knoll and George Nakashima in the United States.

Charlotte Chair with Ottoman



The clean lines and comfortable pieces. While some embrace the Palms Springs version of mid-century modern which focuses on bright colors and sharp angles, here in the San Francisco Bay Area, a more naturalistic, relaxed version of mid century modern such as that typified by the popular Eichler communities is preferred. Interior designers often tap midcentury modern icons such as the wishbone chair, the tulip table and the hairpin legs.


 Hudson Stool with Hairpin Legs Odette Stool with Hairpin Legs

The midcentury modern design ethos is imbued in many of Gingko’s pieces including the Oslo TV Cabinet, the Florence Coffee Table, the Greta Dining Chair and Odette Dining Chair and the Copenhagen Dining Table.  Bay Area clients look to Gingko Furniture as a trusted source of unique midcentury modern designs that are hand crafted using the fine walnut timber yet accessibly priced and easily adapted into a wide range of interiors.

Florence Coffee Table with Forged Legs


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